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THREESCOPE is a social impact real estate company. Each real estate real estate project or investment is conceived with the following goals:

  1. It is intentional—the investment has been made intentionally to create social impact.

  2. It prioritizes people, community, and the environment as highly as it does economic returns.

  3. It creates benefits for an entire community, not just a small sector.

  4. It addresses a significant systemic challenge faced by a community or large population group.

  5. Its impact is new and long-term.

  6. It authentically involves the local community through engagement and project input.

  7. Its design and purpose respects the existing physical and social fabric of a neighborhood.

  8. It produces not just economic returns for a developer/investor and their project funders, but also delivers long-term value creation for multiple stakeholders (what is appropriate is defined by each)


Often social impact projects have these additional traits (though not always):

  1. It is produced as a collaboration between multiple economic sectors, often including government, nonprofit organization(s)/philanthropy, for-profit business, and the community

  2. Its funding capital stack is complex, diverse, and multi-layered

  3. Due to its intricate logistics, number of stakeholders, and financing structure it necessitates a much longer timeframe to plan, arrange commitments, and implement.

The Principals of ThreeScope are devoted to changing the patterns that keep people in poverty. They believe in the concept of Social Entrepreneurship - approaching the housing and program problems as innovative entrepreneurs. 

The physics of creating sustainable private development and public development are the same; the goals are different. ThreeScope offers the means to use cutting edge design, finance and development techniques for supportive housing and other development project types that have historically been hampered by bureaucratic processes and limitations. 

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