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Site and Building Due Diligence Evaluation
Physical and economic evaluation of buildings and building sites. Assessment of structures, municipal law compliance, capacity for development and/or change.

Project Development Feasibility

Examine the feasibility of a project through preliminary conceptual design options, explored through cost estimates, market research and financial analysis

Site Value Enhancement

Analysis of impact of different zoning and development alternatives on a site, including working with municipal planning and zoning authorities to identify the region's long-term goals and opportunities they may present.

Budget Management

Establishing and / or managing the entire budget for a development, including project investor's separate representation.

Real Estate Financing - Purchases, Refinancing, Construction

Organizing and managing equity and debt financing for all types of real estate transactions, including purchasing land or a building, refinancing a building or development, or construction or renovation.

Leasing & Brokerage

Market analysis, lease structuring, lease negotiation and  real estate brokerage services.

Community Development

Large-scale economic analysis for mixed use, multi-family and large scale urban and suburban projects. The team utilizes planners, architects, engineers, economists, and financial analysts to evaluate and develop programs for community developments.




Brace Capital

Capital Realty Services

ThreeScope offers a complete array of Real Estate and Asset development services for all types of projects and properties. It does this through its team of financial, real estate, planning, engineering, architectural and construction experts who can render thoughtful analysis and advice informed by extensive experience.

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